Dear Romanie
Thank you for your beautiful, moving and helping videos.
You give me with your singing and playing of the drum a lot of rest in my body.
With your video Connect to Yourself you have touched me deeply.
You really have a beautiful and powerful voice
Thank you also for your beautiful singing and just your energy that I have received at the weekend of Angaangaq in Epen
You have really taken good care of us all and thank you for making a special wish come true for me.
Romanie , thank you for being there
Very big ❤️ wish Marieëtte

Hopefully I can come that way one day and try to open up my voice with you ??❤️

Dear Romanie,
You are truly a very special woman
Thank you for everything
Love Marieëtte ❤️??

This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin. The original version was written in Dutch and translated for that reason.