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When you want to get back in touch with your deepest self, who you really are, I can support and guide you to find your way back together with you. I do this 1 on 1 with you during individual sessions.

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How do I work?

II find it important that we start our journey together with an open mind. When you come to me, I listen carefully to your story. Intuitively we will then look for the right path to follow. 

Every path is different, just like every person. This requires a different method of working. There are several methods within shamanic healing that I can use. Mostly I use my voice and the drum. Our guides, yours as well as mine, will assist us in our journey.   

Before I start working with you, I find it important to get acquainted. That way I can answer all your questions and we know immediately if there is a click. In the end, it is all about trust in each other. 

What others have experienced

Deborah Hoeks

Great healing from Romanie last week. She helped me reconnect with the earth or in other words, helped me to ground in my body and root my feet again. Feel much lighter and present again. Thank you Romanie for this amazing experience, will definitely keep checking in with you <3

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Wenche Kwinten

Since my spiritual awakening Romanie has played an important role on my path. By dealing with various themes during constellations I have gained a lot of insight. I got to know my energetic sensitivity, discovered my talents and developed myself on my journey to a higher consciousness. The family constellations have given me so much insight into my relationships and the way I deal with certain issues. The six body constellation was also very special. I am now better able to deal with emotions and energies from outside. I have learned to fully embrace myself in this.
Romanie has a very accurate intuition and knows how to work with energy. She gives you the space to experience this yourself, so that the healing immediately takes place. Her voice transforms energy which you can literally feel in your body. A super powerful experience.

Wenche Kwinten

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Vincent Huying

Where Romanie’s drum beats, stroked with sincere love, a next step inside the medicine wheel was revealed on my path. Where her eagle wing waves, a secure feeling came forth which makes the letting go become into inert trust of the natural way. A connecting with who I am or have been in past lives. Connection with spirit, opens new communication lines with ancestors and elders who love, guide and support me daily and unconditionally. Romanie to me is a messenger of a spiritual but friendly kick in the butt to become who I truly am.

Vincent Huying

This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin.

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