As you said shamanism is a very broad field.
I am mostly theoretically informed but it is true that self-contact is the way to depth. And where do you start?
In any case with a good attitude to life and that is what grabbed me the most. I really liked your style of respect and openness.
In addition, literally your voice is very powerful and convincing, very pleasant to be in the atmosphere of your sound bubble.
It shows a flow of energy that is very healthy and radiates from you.
I believe in the mixture of heaviness and lightness.
In the dual feeling it is either light or heavy. In the new age these two extremes must enter into a connection in which they are true at the same time.
As it were the contact surface between the opposition where the living moment is.
You know how to put that space more which is very clever,
so thank you ?

This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin. The original version was written in Dutch and translated for that reason.