Shamanic Drumming

During the drumming workshop you will make a drum journey, supported by different rhythms from North-American and Hawaiian tradition.

The Effect of Drumming 

Drumming, through the attunement to rhythms, offers possibilities to heal yourself and others. The trance in which you enter, brings you to areas where you can find answers from other layers of consciousness.

During my drumming workshops I pay attention to individual attunement to rhythms and techniques to collect yourself after the trance of drumming. Afterwards you go firmly into your daily life with the gained experiences.

What others have experienced 

Dear Romanie, I want to thank you even more for the drum Y-ou-INwards session last Friday. I hardly manage to bring back memories in my life. During my journey one detail after another from the house of my childhood came up. And it doesn’t stop: when I write them down, more and more is released. It rightly says “PRACTICE” on your door when you enter 😀💕🙏🏻 Hug Annemiek

Annemiek (Apr, 2021)

Drumming at Wolftaenzerin

As you follow more drumming sessions, you will discover a deeper layer in yourself each time. Therefore I recommend to follow several sessions for an optimal healing effect. You can book a package of 4 sessions. 

It is always good to first get to know each other and the effect of the drum. The first session is therefore an introductory session. After that you can decide if you are interested in the package of 4 sessions. A gift from me to you: when you book the package, you can bring a guest during the second workshop. 

There are 10 drums available, in case you do not have your own drum. 

Are you interested in the Drumming workshop? Please contact me for more information and date planning.