Individual Sessions


Do you want to connect with yourself again?

When you want to reconnect with yourself,  find out who you really are, I can support and guide you to find your way back. I do this 1 on 1 with you during individual sessions.

How do I work?
I find it important that we start our journey together with an open mind. When you come to me, I listen carefully to your story. Intuitively we will then look for the right path to follow.

Every path is different, just like every person. This requires a different method of working. There are several methods within shamanic healing that I can use. Mostly I use my voice and the drum. Connecting with the guides, yours as well as mine, will assist us in our journey.

Before I start working with you, I find it important to get acquainted first. That way I can answer all your questions and we know immediately if there is a click. In the end, it is all about trust in each other.

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