More than “just” training …

It is difficult to put into words what the training has done in me. Looking back, I am simply filled with deep gratitude !!!

When I met Romanie, I felt from the beginning a strong attraction and the love that she radiates. When she takes you in her arms she is 100% present for you! It is the same in training … She is 100% there for you!

For me it was immediately clear that I would like to be trained by her. And I believe that this is the only way a good training really works. The heart should decide from whom one can be trained.

You could say now “it was only 4 weekends” and yes sometimes you also had the feeling, we have not done so much. To this I can only say that on an energetic level so much more happened.  Everything was exactly right!
Already before the weekends I clearly felt that energetically much happens and afterwards also … it has moved incredibly much in me and changed me.

Through the training I have come back more into my “center”. I can now see many things more clearly, which remained completely hidden from me before. But the most important thing is that I am much closer to myself… in my heart!

I always found it very special that Romanie has a good sense for what is important at the moment. Of course she plans some things beforehand. But if she has the feeling that something else is important, then she also prefers that.
I personally feel that it is a special quality to move away from the “planned” and to feel what is important at the moment.

Thank you dear Romanie for everything ♥

This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin. The original version was written in German and translated for that reason.