After meeting Romanie and participating in her Drum Circle, I experienced her chants first hand. That touched me so deeply inside. I became curious and wanted to learn from her.
And what a journey
With my group members we went in search of our power animal, made a rattle and learned to work with it. We found lost soul parts and worked with the energy bodies of etheric emotional and mental body connected to the All. For me a year of profound growth. I have been able to transform emotions from not mattering to firm decision under my feet Trusting my instinctive Knowing and learning to take peace to just be.
Romanie has guided this process so beautifully. A safe bedding. Powerful where needed, loving and careful.
What a beautiful, powerful journey ?

Caroline Ros

This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin. The original version was written in Dutch and translated for that reason.