From the bottom of my heart I salute you, dear Anja and dear Romanie,
Thank you for the wonderful contribution you made to the group at my event. It was phenomenal!
Thank you, dear Romanie, for your singing and your authentic sharing of your experiences during the concentration camp visit/as a resident of the Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam.
Thank you, dear Anja, for the quiet tones, the many sensitive explanations and insights you gave us into your life.
And much more to thank you for – it is impossible to list it all!
I was very impressed with how the energy developed in the minutes we were together.
I was fascinated by the breakthroughs that the participants shared with us – I cannot express in words how happy and grateful I am that my mother had several breakthroughs and insights at the same time and was able to solve a life problem to some extent and become more at peace.
She reminded me during one of the breaks that the electricity in my parents’ house had gone out when my father (600 km away) went out of body.
My aunt, who found my father, could not reach my mother by phone and started the phone chain through my brother to my lover, who then told me.
My brother and I then went to my mother to tell her that my father was no longer alive.
The electrician who was called could find nothing wrong, everything was fine when he checked the pipes, electricity was flowing again.
For me this episode now makes a lot of sense after meeting and being with you, no coincidence that you, dear Anja, also spoke about this phenomenon of power failure!
Great joy fills me because I was allowed to give and keep the framework for the many changes within.
It was magical and I thank you for it!
So I continue to gather feedback, let the weekend reverberate, and get comfortable with the inner images before my eyes: It was a great gift to see so many happy, liberated, more relaxed faces. Thank you for being the catalyst for this. I never thought it could develop like this. So much is happening through you and with you. I am equally grateful for this experience.
Now I will let it sink in and send you a big hug in advance,
see you soon,


This review was shared in a personal message to Wolftaenzerin. The original version was written in German and translated for that reason.