Dear Romanie,
with you and in the field you created, I feel myself coming home. Recognition on many layers, sinking into the depths, being true.
I feel your love and passion for your ‘work’ and us humans in everything.
Always I feel the presence of you and your wonderful and powerful ‘team’ in the Field and space.
In that safe bed, my heart and being can open and surrender to whatever wants to come, from within and without.
In the UMAI circle, I felt my womb move as I was allowed to hold Navajo Wedding Basket in front of my womb and heart. The fragrance brought back and stirred the smell of my son’s birthing process and its experiences. In the after-effects, I feel I am still allowed to do something with that.
I also received the message (again) that I can occupy my space even more. This time not in relation to others, but within my own limiting beliefs and patterns, created when I was still in the womb.
So beautiful, how this works, and especially in how it unfolds in the after-effects.
Thank you Romanie!
Love, Simone