Shamma workshop

During the SHAMMA workshop I will take you on a journey of discovery into the various possibilities of shamanism and energetic work. I will show you which methods there are and which I use regularly during my energy healing work sessions. 

Are you in need of personal healing? Discover what I can do for you during an individual session. 

The SHAMMA workshop consists of a day program in which different ways of working with energy will be shown. In all the forms that are discussed, the quality of life is central. I show you how you can improve that quality in many ways. 

For some, a certain technique resonates better than for others. Therefore, within the program there is enough room for interaction and active participation to discover your personal preferences. After this day you will be filled with new energy and knowledge about yourself, with which you can get to work for yourself and others.

Shamma workshop program

  1. Opening 
  2. Shamanic drumming 
  3. Shamanic constellations 
  4. Explanation of energy 
  5. Reading an energetic drawing 
  6. Aura and chakra colors possibly in combination with tarot 
  7. Balance meditation 
  8. Shamanic cleansing ritual 

Have you always wanted to get acquainted with shamanism? I invite you to participate in my SHAMMA workshop. 

When: September, 30 or November, 19 2022
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Price: 105 euro*

Are you already familiar with shamanism or do you want to go deeper into the subject? Then take a look at my year training Shamanic Healing.

*This includes teaching materials, lunch, coffee/tea and refreshments.  You take care of active participation and bring good mood, comfortable clothing and a blanket or something to lie on. I will take care of the rest!