Year training Shamanic healing

The training Shamanic Healing is aimed at deepening your awareness of who you are and who others are. You learn in a small group to recognize the signals of mother nature and to adjust your life path accordingly. 

In the world of shamanism, sound, silence, rituals, ceremonies, rhythm and symbolism from nature are used a lot. These are all instruments to guide you to a shamanic prayer: a conversation with “The Great One” and a connection with your soul. During the training you will learn to make this your own. 

Shamanic healing training content

The training Shamanic Healing consists of four weekend meetings that are dedicated to the following components: 

  1. Recognizing the elements
  2. Soul retrieval
  3. Connection through the 4 light bodies
  4. Connection with the Ancestors 

Recognizing the elements

We start the Shamanic Healing course by getting to know the different elements of nature in a practical way. We will build a “shaker” out of natural material. This is a rhythm instrument that helps and guides you to tune in to the Shamanic prayer. 

Next I will introduce you to the medicine wheel. This is a practical form to experience the principles of the wind directions, the natural cycles, the elements and their mutual dynamics. Making contact with your personal power animal(s) will also receive attention.

After getting acquainted with these new forms of communication, life will never be the same again!

Soul Retrieval

The second weekend is dedicated to Soul Retrieval. Through this method you learn to retrieve a piece of the soul that someone is missing contact with.

You can see it in someone’s eyes: the sparkle is missing. If this is the case, she/he is missing the connection with a piece of her/his soul. The right connection brings back the sparkle. 

An important point of attention in Soul Retrieval is centering yourself. In this weekend you will learn different exercises to make sure you are well grounded.   

Afterwards, I will guide the group members to travel for each other: that is, they will enter into a kind of trance for someone, who remains clear, in order to find back the connection with the soul. The dynamics in the group show the way. Lost pieces of the soul come when they are ready.

Connection through the 4 light bodies 

During the third weekend of the training we will get to know the 4 light bodies. You learn how these bodies make the connection between the personality and the soul.

As 4-light bodies, the physical, the etheric, the emotional and the mental are distinguished. We explore how the different bodies contribute to making contact with the soul.

The physical light body is perhaps the best known. The etheric body can be seen as a protective layer around the physical body. The emotional light body is where the emotional processes are to be found, and the mental body is where thoughts reveal themselves.

Blockages or injuries can be approached through these light bodies: awareness of blueprints in upbringing and family culture can be approached through the mental body, sadness and anger are signals from the emotional body, and experiencing “holes in the protective layer” requires care of the etheric body.

How can you say “I am the soul”? What is your relationship to that statement? How can you make the information from your light bodies work together in finding an answer to that question? You will discover it all during this weekend. 

Connection with the Ancestors 

In the Shamanic tradition there is the principle “we walk with the ancestors of 7 generations”. There is a knowing that we are carried by the lives of the ancestors of 7 generations back and our deeds are carried by the 7 generations that follow us.

In the 4th and last weekend of the training, the ancestors are invited. The ancestral field is made visible by an arrangement of rose quartz stones, which gives an impressive image to connect with. Participants also bring their own objects that touch ancestors. 

With this, and with all the knowledge acquired in the previous weekends, the conversation with the ancestors is sought.

Registration for the Shamanic Healing training

Are you interested or do you have questions about the Shamanic Healing training? Please feel free to contact me. 

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